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Demolition Again

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Hello friends and family near and far!! We have had some recent developments here on the Ranch and they are all good ones!! First and foremost, we FINALLY got our professional photography done! We teamed up with Uniquely U Photography and working with them was an absolute pleasure!!! We also could not have done it without the support of Angie from Borrowed Charm! LADIES!!!! If you ever want to spice up your wedding but don’t want to empty your pocket book, reach out to here she rents out her amazing vintage furniture for cheaper than ANYWHERE else here in the Metro! We will have all the pictures on display shortly after the Bridal Show July 12th 2015!!

Speaking about the Bridal Show!!! We will be there so come and find us for your discounted rates! We will only be offering these prices for a limited amount of time to a limited amount of people .It is first come first serve so when you get to the bridal show, first FIND THE BAR, you are going to need a drink HA, and then we will be right there by the bar so come and see us!!!

Lastly, we have demolition again, no big surprise we are always updating somehow! We have broken ground on the old fashion bathrooms. We will have them finished by the time the bridal show comes around so everyone can see what we mean by old fashion bathrooms:( Yes we will have real working toilets and sinks) however, we have lots of fun ideas for decorating!

If you are looking for a tour please bare with us, since we are in the middle of a project we do not really want to show the Ranch until it Is all cleaned up and presentable, we will make a few exceptions! We hope all of our brides that have booked with us are as excited as we are!!! Don’t forget to let us know about your engagement photos so you can take them here if you would like!!! Happy Monday Everyone

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