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A Little Self-Love Never Hurts

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The retreat began as a cool crisp morning at about 55 degrees and a light breeze, Crystal Baker prepared a very healthy and organic breakfast for the group. We sat around a nice warm fire and listened to the wind blowing through the trees, it was quite serene. Shortly there following there was the first round of yoga with lots of stretching followed by breathing we worked through this beautiful morning.


After the first session, Crystal walked us through the many encouraging pages of love and self-worth. Much of it was focused on the little things in life we let bother us; we had to just let that go, today was about us. We learned about the Heart Chakra and the importance of it when if come to the spiritual power in the human body. Before we finished we all wrote 5 ways we promise to love ourselves; turns out many of ours were the same.

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Following that we did round 2 of yoga, it was a little more intense for beginners such as myself. Battling a little bit of vertigo I did fall once maybe twice but who is counting! After our last session I felt nice and stretched maybe a little tired. We enjoyed Roasted Bell Pepper soup and fresh salad with many toppings. The temperature was now at a beautiful 75 degrees with the light breeze, it was quite amazing.


Next on the agenda we went on a small 25 minute hike; first to the waterfall and then off to the creek, here we caught a peak at the neighbor’s horses. As the sun beat down on us on the gorgeous day, we walked in silence and took in every moment of nature; the birds chirping, the rustle of the squirrels playing catch in the trees, it was peaceful.


To finish up our day of self-love we sat through a guided meditation. Her soothing voice and the breeze in the background nearly put me to in a sleep coma; it set me in a deeply relaxing puddle of mush, where nothing mattered. I was taken back to a memory of a beautiful golden beach with crystal blue water, I felt like I was there all over again, the happiness was so powerful.

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Inhale deeply, exhale completely. Namaste

Ashley St.Clair

Jeff & Bre were Meant to be!

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We had the most spectacular wedding on September 12, 2015 #jeffandbremeanttobe . Just like most things the St.Clair’s do around here, it was a marathon run to the finish to complete our BRAND NEW lavatory. Not only a client, but great friend was married here on the ranch and it was truly blissful to watch. From the moment Jeff saw Bre for the first time in her breathtaking gown, to the moments they spoke their vows, it was all very humbling to watch. The Richardson’s are truly two of the sweetest people we have met!

Flashback to the Monday before the wedding when I met with the Catering folks at Sooner Legends (Which by the way did a stellar job); I remember the finish product not being so finished. I did not know if I was trying to console them or myself that it would be done in the next 6 days; either way they were very impressed with the difference 6 days can do, from simple just drywall not even texture to full paint, sinks and toilets installed and ready to go! Sooner Legends brought their “A” game and everyone was very impressed, my favorite was the brushetta, I could have had a plate of just that and been completely content!

Now let me just mention how impressed I was with this wedding overall. Many guests that rode in the golf cart with me back to their cars I asked how their experience was, EVERY. SINGLE. ONE. OF.THEM said it was the best wedding that they had ever been to! Now I have to give a big round of applause to my bride Bre because from her flowers, to her choices in alcohol. EVERYTHING was ON POINT! The best and most important thing to me is making sure that the bride it happy with the final product, and being that the guest were so thrilled with the overall evening(and the weather was gorgeous) makes it one of the best days here on the ranch! I Hope we made your day the best day in your life so far!! Bre and Jeff, come back for a BBQ sometime real soon, ya hear!!!

A very tired,

Ashley St.Clair


P.S. Pictures to come soon!

Demolition Again

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Hello friends and family near and far!! We have had some recent developments here on the Ranch and they are all good ones!! First and foremost, we FINALLY got our professional photography done! We teamed up with Uniquely U Photography and working with them was an absolute pleasure!!! We also could not have done it without the support of Angie from Borrowed Charm! LADIES!!!! If you ever want to spice up your wedding but don’t want to empty your pocket book, reach out to here she rents out her amazing vintage furniture for cheaper than ANYWHERE else here in the Metro! We will have all the pictures on display shortly after the Bridal Show July 12th 2015!!

Speaking about the Bridal Show!!! We will be there so come and find us for your discounted rates! We will only be offering these prices for a limited amount of time to a limited amount of people .It is first come first serve so when you get to the bridal show, first FIND THE BAR, you are going to need a drink HA, and then we will be right there by the bar so come and see us!!!

Lastly, we have demolition again, no big surprise we are always updating somehow! We have broken ground on the old fashion bathrooms. We will have them finished by the time the bridal show comes around so everyone can see what we mean by old fashion bathrooms:( Yes we will have real working toilets and sinks) however, we have lots of fun ideas for decorating!

If you are looking for a tour please bare with us, since we are in the middle of a project we do not really want to show the Ranch until it Is all cleaned up and presentable, we will make a few exceptions! We hope all of our brides that have booked with us are as excited as we are!!! Don’t forget to let us know about your engagement photos so you can take them here if you would like!!! Happy Monday Everyone

-Ranch of the Saints

New Beginnings’

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Hello friends and family! We are so happy you are here and are interested in what is going on the Ranch! Well you may not know this, but this is a family owned and operated business and we put lots of blood sweat and tears into this place. The last 2 months have been a very difficult time for the St.Clairs.  Putting the finishing touches on the property to have it up to par for our second wedding was a task that we did not take lightly. There were many late evenings and bottles of wine that brought this whole thing together.

We are not finished updating and upgrading the Ranch (truth is we don’t know if we will ever finish) but we have many goals. Our first goal and number one priority is to work hard and have a good time doing it. One of the main reasons we got into this business is because as a family we love to entertain! We truly love having people out to the Ranch and sharing our love for the land with others.

Glen and Blanca St.Clair recently put together a plan for an old fashion powder room that we are building close to the cedar pavilion. This will most certainly be finished by the time our next event comes around! After that we hope by next summer we will have our vineyard up and planted; but of course we will source out the fruit until we can get our own facility up and running. We are scheduling many tours as of lately and will keep you updated on our newest events.

Keep an eye out, we will be hosting a meet and greet in the next couple of months, hope to see you there!

-Ranch of the Saints

Ashley St.Clair