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New Beginnings’

New Beginnings’

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Hello friends and family! We are so happy you are here and are interested in what is going on the Ranch! Well you may not know this, but this is a family owned and operated business and we put lots of blood sweat and tears into this place. The last 2 months have been a very difficult time for the St.Clairs.  Putting the finishing touches on the property to have it up to par for our second wedding was a task that we did not take lightly. There were many late evenings and bottles of wine that brought this whole thing together.

We are not finished updating and upgrading the Ranch (truth is we don’t know if we will ever finish) but we have many goals. Our first goal and number one priority is to work hard and have a good time doing it. One of the main reasons we got into this business is because as a family we love to entertain! We truly love having people out to the Ranch and sharing our love for the land with others.

Glen and Blanca St.Clair recently put together a plan for an old fashion powder room that we are building close to the cedar pavilion. This will most certainly be finished by the time our next event comes around! After that we hope by next summer we will have our vineyard up and planted; but of course we will source out the fruit until we can get our own facility up and running. We are scheduling many tours as of lately and will keep you updated on our newest events.

Keep an eye out, we will be hosting a meet and greet in the next couple of months, hope to see you there!

-Ranch of the Saints

Ashley St.Clair

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