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Jeff & Bre were Meant to be!

Jeff & Bre were Meant to be!

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We had the most spectacular wedding on September 12, 2015 #jeffandbremeanttobe . Just like most things the St.Clair’s do around here, it was a marathon run to the finish to complete our BRAND NEW lavatory. Not only a client, but great friend was married here on the ranch and it was truly blissful to watch. From the moment Jeff saw Bre for the first time in her breathtaking gown, to the moments they spoke their vows, it was all very humbling to watch. The Richardson’s are truly two of the sweetest people we have met!

Flashback to the Monday before the wedding when I met with the Catering folks at Sooner Legends (Which by the way did a stellar job); I remember the finish product not being so finished. I did not know if I was trying to console them or myself that it would be done in the next 6 days; either way they were very impressed with the difference 6 days can do, from simple just drywall not even texture to full paint, sinks and toilets installed and ready to go! Sooner Legends brought their “A” game and everyone was very impressed, my favorite was the brushetta, I could have had a plate of just that and been completely content!

Now let me just mention how impressed I was with this wedding overall. Many guests that rode in the golf cart with me back to their cars I asked how their experience was, EVERY. SINGLE. ONE. OF.THEM said it was the best wedding that they had ever been to! Now I have to give a big round of applause to my bride Bre because from her flowers, to her choices in alcohol. EVERYTHING was ON POINT! The best and most important thing to me is making sure that the bride it happy with the final product, and being that the guest were so thrilled with the overall evening(and the weather was gorgeous) makes it one of the best days here on the ranch! I Hope we made your day the best day in your life so far!! Bre and Jeff, come back for a BBQ sometime real soon, ya hear!!!

A very tired,

Ashley St.Clair


P.S. Pictures to come soon!

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